Training Services for IT Implementors

IT firms implementing Siebel CRM applications for their clients face the challenge of having the right mix of knowledgeable and skilled resources for the numerous modules used throughout the project lifecycle. Being a packaged application with a host of ready made features handled by specialized components, prior knowledge of these modules is crucial for meeting each planned milestone while ensuring a quality deliverable.

We provide customized, hands-on and comprehensive training for each project stakeholder, be it a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Senior Developer, Developer, Tester or even End User.

TRAINING IMPLEMENTATION TEAMS: We understand the need of knowledgeable implementation team to achieve the project milestones effectively. We provide customized trainings for all the project participants to ensure their productivity from day 1. Our training prepares stakeholders for requirement analysis, gap analysis, effort estimation, functional process design, technical architecture, development, testing, user adoption, deliverable review, etc.

TRAINING CALENDAR: Siebel projects typically span a few months with multiple internal phases, requiring IT firms to frequently churn the skill sets of their team to meet the changing needs for each implementation as well as within each implementation. Our trainers have hands-on experiences on multiple implementations, we understand the challenge involved.

We work closely with them to assess the project pipelines, upcoming project phases, current team competencies, etc. to design an effective training calendar for the firms.

TRAINING FORMATS: We ensure hands-on coverage on all the trainings delivered by our experienced trainers. Content taught is strongly supported by incremental practice capsules throughout the course duration, followed to completion by full practice scenario.

The trainings are delivered via a mix of online collaboration tool as well as on-premise trainings conducted by trainers in person. For either formats, we provide an experienced, hands-on and dedicated trainer for the entire duration of the training. Online trainings are delivered as Instructor-led Virtual Classrooms, our collaboration tools allows the facility of desktop sharing, application control, dashboard, audio/video conference, file sharing and a host of other online collaboration tools. On premise trainings are delivered by our trainer traveling to client premise facilitated by them.

Training Services for End Users

Corporations with a large customer base and implementing a standard CRM processes to ensure quality customer experience often end up using Siebel CRM as the preferred product of their choice. To ensure proper user adoption as well as efficient usage of all features, its critical for their task force to be well aware of deployed functionality to make the best use of the application.

Depending on the industry, geography, experience as well as skill profile of the target user base, we create a custom training program with special emphasis on key business processes, pain points as well as user productivity features.

Staffing Services

For Siebel implementation firms who are looking to hire trained or professional siebel resources, we provide them the ecosystem to build their Siebel practice. For specific clients and on request, we can also run full fledge marketing campaigns to hire freshers/experienced professionals, groom their skills and offer them for permanent or contract staffing.

It will typically follow some or all of the following steps as applicable:
+ Client shares their staffing requirements including duration, location, skills, head count, etc.

+ forwards the proposal to client including campaign, training, placement and monthly costs as applicable.

+ Client approves the proposal and raises the Purchase Order+ conducts marketing campaign for training & placement on behalf of the client

+ Client shortlists the profile and releases the first payment towards campaign cost

+ trains the shortlisted individuals

+ Client releases second cut of payment towards training

+ forwards the profiles of trained individuals to client and if applicable, receives the payment for the profiles (more details below)

+ Client conducts the interviews and finalizes the candidates

+ or client hire the candidates on its payroll and completes the formalities

+ Hired trainee joins the project

+ Client releases the payment toward placement charges

+ On a monthly basis, client will release the payment for the hired trainees.

In terms of costing, we offer quality at a justified cost. Please use the form below to contact us how our services can help you deliver your projects on time with quality.

PERMANENT STAFFING: When working with us, Siebel implementation firms do not have to spend on training their resources. We provide them with trained Siebel professionals along with a sample of work done by them to ensure quality. As these professionals have taken training as an individual initiative on their own cost, they tend to have a greater commitment and sincerity when working on assignments. On client request, we provide our feedback on our assessment of the candidate as well as the quality of training assignments done by them.

We have two billing plans for the permanent staffing:

+ a flat fee for each profile shared with them for a minimum of 10 profiles. Please note, our profiles are very specific to Siebel skills and rates will vary as per experience of candidate
+ a flat fee of 2 months CTC of the joining candidate

CONTRACT STAFFING: For organizations who would like to evaluate trained candidates before hiring them, we take a step forward to assist them via our flexible contract staffing service.

We hire your trained candidate on our payroll for a minimum duration of 6 months. We provide them the facilities/infrastructure to work on your projects, as per your policies and security norms, with the necessary support from your team. They can also be deputed on your premise while still being on our payroll. Our staffing services are flexible to meet your needs. Contact us if you are interested or if you want us to send you more details.

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