About our discounts

None of our discounts can be clubbed with any other discount. These discounts are applicable to all individuals in India, US, UK, EU, Canada, Austria, Singapore and China. For individuals from other countries, please contact us to know about the running promotions and offers.

Discount for Referrals

SiebelTraining.org offers the scheme of 'discount for referrals' to all its trainees who have attended trainings earlier in individual capacity within the prevailing financial year. For every referral who successfully attends a training from us, the trainee will be offered a 10% discount coupon equivalent of the course enrolled by the referral. This coupon can be redeemed for any future online trainings within 6 months.

To get started, recommend us on facebook or google searches by clicking on the respective button when you are on the training course of your interest. Now your friends and contact will know what you are upto. We give you 5% discount when you facilitate us in your network and another 5% when someone from your network signs up.

For example, one of our Trainee, Raj, refers two individuals to us. Both the individuals successfully complete training for two different courses from us, which are priced at INR 10,000 and INR 8,000 respectively. We will offer a discount coupon of INR 1000 + INR 800 = INR 1800 to the Raj. If Raj takes another training from us via online classroom, INR 1800 will be deducted from the price of his training and he will pay only for the difference. If Raj is able to manage more referrals who successfully complete training from us, its possible Raj can take his training from us free of any cost!

Group Discounts

SiebelTraining.org offers flat 10% discount to all trainees who enroll in groups of 3 to 5 individuals. For group signups of more than 5 individuals, a flat discount of 20% is offered. The registrations should be made in a single transaction to be able to avail this offer. Please contact us with the subject line 'GROUP <course> <no of trainees>' with details in the body of the email.

Monthly Lucky Draw - 10% off

If you are interested in getting trained on any of the Siebel CRM module, you can also register yourself for a lucky draw to avail flat 10% off on the course price. The lucky draw is conducted every month and the winning person can avail the discount within the next 30 days from the date of winning.

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You can also visit our Facebook Page to keep yourself upto date about our activities as well as to interact with us. We also have a Facebook App for registration whenever you are ready to enroll with us.Or just fill in the form below.

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