About Us

SiebelTraining.org provides customized hands-on training services for the Siebel CRM suite of applications. We intend to be a one-stop-shop for all the training needs of a corporate or an individual across the globe. At present, SiebelTraining.org offers functional, technical, administrative and end user trainings while creating additional custom programs for corporate.

SiebelTraining.org started in May 2010 from Mumbai, India and till date has to its credit, trained employees of some of the best Siebel Implementation Consulting firms via its experienced trainers. In addition, we have conducted several public as well as one-to-one training sessions for individuals. Client details can be furnished on request.



SiebelTraining.org is focused on delivery of quality hands-on training content via its experienced trainers to ensure the benefits of training are available in a very short span of time.

Our trainees should be able to deliver from day 1 after the training: the focus on hands-on practice capsules is unparalleled and the benefits have been readily recognized by our clients.

SiebelTraining.org aims to become the one-stop solution desk globally for all the trainings requirements on Siebel CRM, utilizing on-premise delivery or virtual platforms. We emphasize on the need of custom content for individuals as well as corporate giving respect to their unique functions and learning aspirations.

Over a period of time, SiebelTraining.org will extend its training program to on-demand Siebel CRM applications, project reviews to ensure adherence of best practices, support for fixing production issues, etc.

How We Work


Once a potential client contacts us, we engage closely with them or their technical heads to understand their profile and training needs. Based on this feedback, SiebelTraining.org creates custom training content or often uses the content already available in its libraries.

In addition, SiebelTraining.org creates complete corporate training calendar for its client via close interactions with their HR and Training departments ensuring the clients training objectives are met. The IP of the training content is always owned by SiebelTraining.org.

SiebelTraining.org, due to its focus on delivery and not on sales, often works via its Sales Partner Organizations under a revenue sharing arrangement to increase the reach of its services to corporate across the globe.

We also provide training to individuals directly following a demand based schedule. Trainings are scheduled for half day or full day at our training center in Mumbai as well as via instructor-led virtual classrooms for trainees in other cities. We often conduct public workshops in different cities for exclusive courses.



SiebelTraining.org ensures its classroom trainings are handled by trainers who have strong experience in Siebel implementations. The content thus created and taught in classrooms is relevant to real life scenarios and finds ready application in projects. Having experienced trainer helps in providing on-spot solutions to problems faced by trainees.

SiebelTraining.org conducts through exercise on every trainer's capability to deliver quality training before empaneling them. We constantly churn the trainers to ensure fresh learnings from ongoing projects are constantly incorporated in our learning library.

Our trainers are subject matter experts on the courses they teach with strong experience in those modules. Feedback from training sessions are constantly utilized by our trainers to further improve their knowledge and course coverage. Over a period of time and courses, it has given us a unique strength being a comprehensive repository of such learnings.


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